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At Wrington we put customer needs first and foremost. We aim to provide the best products at an affordable cost. We are both progressive and innovative whilst staying true to our heritage of providing products to old and new vehicles alike.

To help please find below the answers to some frequently asked questions about our products and services.

wrington nuts
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Some frequently asked questions about Wrington wheels nuts:

• Q: Will your nuts fit my vehicle?
• A: If you are uncertain about selecting the correct nut for your vehicle then please use our ‘Contact Uspage and give us as much information about your vehicle, wheels, studs, nut dimensions and if possible, use the link to download any images.  We can also send a trial nut if there is still uncertainty.

• Q: What torque setting should I use with Wrington wheel nuts.
• A: Follow the recommendations given in the manufacturers workshop manual. On a Defender with steel wheels this is 110 Nm with clean, dry threads and no lubricant applied.

Q: Are Wrington stainless nuts made from solid stainless?
• A: Yes, they are precision machined from solid 316 marine grade stainless steel and will never corrode.

• Q: Are stainless nuts safe?
• A: Our stainless nuts are made from the very best European sourced steel and the threads are precision machined. We have tested them to many times the manufacturers recommended torques and have sold thousands without any problems being reported.

Q: I have heard about galling where stainless nuts and bolts weld together. Is this likely to happen?
• A: Galling occurs between similar metals in corrosive and/or high stress environments such as between stainless nuts and bolts in marine applications (ask any yachtsman). We have received no reports of galling between our stainless nuts and carbon steel studs, despite having sold thousands of them.

Q: Should I fit polished nuts or unpolished stainless nuts?
• A: If you want to achieve a high class showroom finish then polished nuts will finish off your vehicle superbly. If it’s a day to day workhorse then unpolished will be an excellent choice as the finely machined turned cap looks very attractive in its own right.

• Q: Do you do stainless nuts in black?
• A: No, the type of stainless we use does not accept electroplated or painted coatings very well. We have tried electrophoretic painting which looked fantastic but chipped too easily.

Q: How long will the black plated nuts last before they rust?
• A: From 2 – 10 years depending on the environment that they operate in and how well they are looked after. They are probably not the best option if you live near the seaside. If corrosion resistance is your prime objective then you should fit stainless steel.

• Q: Will the black nuts match my gloss black wheels?
• A: Black plated nuts vary in shade from matt to mid sheen but are rarely gloss. In our opinion polished stainless looks fantastic on gloss black wheels but if you must have black we can hand pick the glossiest we have in stock at the time of order.